Why Into The Metaverse

The metaverse promises to be the next big technology platform and a new frontier for human experiences. As such, it might change everything - the way we socialize, play, learn, work, create, and shop. With the current pace of innovation and progress we believe that majority of the world's population will access metaverse experiences in a device agnostic way by 2030. This is a change at an epic scale and it can be a bit confusing.

Into The Metaverse is one of the best reviewed podcasts focused on the metaverse.

Our Purpose

To become the leading destination to learn about the Metaverse - what it is, why it’s important, how it will impact our lives, and what opportunities it unlocks. We are pursuing this mission by producing and publishing the best quality podcast shows that help make sense of the metaverse.

Our Audience

Into The Metaverse sits at the intersection of technology, business and society and as such aims to serve retail investors, professional investors (from analyst to portfolio managers to CIO), as well as C-level operators of major corporations and startups, senior decision makers in government, and curious professionals.

”Best podcast on the Metaverse. This is by far the best podcast to gain foundational insight and knowledge on the next phase of the Internet.” -L.Rodney

Our Podcast

Into The Metaverse is a multi-segment podcast show and a newsletter focused on deep coverage of the metaverse through interviews with brilliant minds who build, create for, and invest in, the metaverse. Currently the podcast has one segment: Into The Metaverse - our core weekly show with star guests. Releases every week.

“Into the Metaverse podcast is definitely the best resource for learning and keeping up to date with developments of the Metaverse.” -S.Schemeil

Select Episodes

  • Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media (link)

  • Neil Stephenson & Peter Vessenes, Lamina1 (link)

  • Philip Rosedale, Second Life (link)

  • Rev Lebaredian, Nvidia (link)

  • Angela Dalton, Signum (link)

  • Marc Whitten, Unity (link)

  • Tami Bhaumik, Roblox (link)

  • Royal O’Brien, Linux Foundation (link)

  • Ryan Wyatt, Polygon Studios (link)


We also write letters that rolls-up weekly news about the metaverse with commentary and perspectives about key technologies, platforms and companies in the space. Releases every Sunday and occasional special letters.


An experienced take on what it all means

Yon is the creator, host and publisher of Into The Metaverse. A serial entrepreneur with experience that combines building a metaverse company - as founder & CEO of Supersocial, a developer, publisher and operator of cutting-edge games, experiences and brand worlds on Roblox and other emerging platforms, and a thought leader - Yon advises corporations and investment firms about the metaverse, and frequently appears in the media.

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Our mission is to become the leading destination to learn about the Metaverse.


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