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EP.87: Digital Twins and the Push to Modernize the Luxury Home Goods Market

EP.87: Digital Twins and the Push to Modernize the Luxury Home Goods Market

with Steven Gay - CEO, Mode Maison

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To kick off our slate of fantastic guests for 2024, Matthew was delighted to chat with Steven Gay, the CEO of Mode Maison. Mode Maison is the first and only multi-brand retail platform for luxury home goods and the first and only multi-brand retail platform built entirely with digital twins.

Steven and Matthew had an excellent conversation about the importance of digital twins in the luxury goods market, what differentiates Mode Maison’s technology from peers and why their company decided to focus first on the luxury home goods market for digital twins applications. Steven also discussed the company’s work with the DigitalCore Consortium and why we need organizations like DigitalCore to help spearhead the digitization of industries like luxury retail.

And to wrap it all up, Steven left us with a fun prediction for the metaverse in 2024, which you’ll have to listen through to catch at the end of the conversation.

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  • Introduction (00:00)

  • Steven’s Background (01:05)

  • What is the Metaverse (02:25)

  • Defining DigitalCore (04:55)

  • Efficiencies that Come From Digitization (07:05)

  • Using Digital Twins to Solve Retails Biggest Tech Problem (09:25)

  • Need for Sense Data from the Real World (15:50)

  • Standards Based Technologies and the DigitalCore Consortium (24:35)

  • One Big Prediction for 2024 (30:55)

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