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EP.46: Into The Metaverse with Gilad Talmon - CEO, YOOM

EP.46: Into The Metaverse with Gilad Talmon - CEO, YOOM

Bringing real humans into the digital world with cutting-edge volumetric technology.

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Joining me today is Gilad Talmon, CEO of YOOM - a leading volumetric video technology company making the next wave of content creation accessible to creators and brands, providing them a direct path into the virtual worlds and beyond through a proprietary technology.

With over 16 years of senior management experience across various technology sectors in both the startup and corporate space, Gilad previously served as the Programs & Business Development Director at Elbit Systems Aerospace Ltd. in Israel, where he was intimately involved with AR.

We cover in detail the role of advanced technologies like the one YOOM is building on enabling an ever-expanded and accessible content creation to populate virtual worlds by both professional developers and individual creators. We also discuss why digital avatars are already playing an instrumental role in the way young people socialize and express themselves and why this trend will only accelerate as virtual and gaming continue to emerge as a next-generation mass media.

"when I refer to the metaverse, it's a range between augmented reality, superimposed on the real world through mixed reality and flat screen immersive environments, gaming environments on the flat screen, and then all the way to virtual reality… The human beings and human interactions will play a very big role, but it's only attainable if you can create these at scale, and creating them at scale means that they need to be compatible with all of these engines that can update them automatically. So artificial intelligence of text demotion and conversational AI. Their motion looks good and you can create them relatively easy. That's where we wanna be. We want to be an enabler to create these digital humans for you to use however you want, whether it's leaving messages or virtual helpers in the street, or virtual tourism, or in game or in training for enterprise.”

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