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EP.50: Into the Metaverse with Justin Hochberg - CEO, Virtual Brand Group

EP.50: Into the Metaverse with Justin Hochberg - CEO, Virtual Brand Group

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Joining me today as we celebrate our 50th episode of Into the Metaverse is Justin Hochberg, founder and CEO of Virtual Brand Group.

Justin is a metaverse brand builder focused on IP and fashion. He has had a multi-national career as a senior executive in technology and entertainment companies, with a proven track record in creating and leveraging content, IP, brands, and industry insights into new revenue streams through emerging technologies and partnerships.

We cover in detail what are the right objectives that brands should pursue when entering next generation social platforms, connecting virtual identity to real life identity, the value of building a persistent presence, the future of decentralized platforms, the need for consumer friendliness to gain mass adoption, and much more. 


  • Introducing Justin (00:00)

  • Defining the metaverse (01:45)

  • Role of 3D avatars in virtual worlds (03:30)

  • Connecting virtual identity to real life identity (06:05)

  • Brand objectives within next gen platforms (10:43)

  • Best path to a persistent presence for a brand (17:20)

  • Value of and potential adoption of decentralized platforms (22:55)

  • The need for consumer friendliness and platform interoperability (36:57)

  • The metaverse is the future (39:15)

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