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EP.57: Into the Metaverse with Jonathan Pan - Head of Product, Store No. 8

EP.57: Into the Metaverse with Jonathan Pan - Head of Product, Store No. 8

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This week Yon welcomes Jonathan Pan into the metaverse. Jonathan is the Head of Product at Store No. 8, the incubation arm of Walmart. Between his current role and his prior stops at companies such as Riot Games, Amazon, and Meta, Jonathan has built a long track record of working in and on emerging technologies where he can let his passion for building content and teams thrive.

During their conversation Yon and Jonathan discuss how emerging technologies will both contribute to and complement the metaverse, break down key insights from Jonathan’s article on the practical metaverse, lay out the advantages Roblox’s dedicated developer community affords them, and much more.


  • Introducing Jonathan Pan (00:25)

  • How Jon Defines the Metaverse (01:25)

  • How Do Emerging Technologies (AI, Blockchain, Etc) Contribute to and Complement the Metaverse (04:30)

  • Key Insights from Jonathan’s Article on the Practical Metaverse (08:30)

  • First Time Realizing the Potential of Roblox and Minecraft as Platforms (12:30)

  • What Will Still Be True About Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft Three to Five Years From Now (17:45)

  • The Advantage of Roblox’s Dedicated Developer Community (22:40)

  • One Thing Jonathan is Most Excited For in Next Five Years (29:30)

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