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EP.59: Into the Metaverse with Itamar Benedy - CoFounder and CEO, Anzu

EP.59: Into the Metaverse with Itamar Benedy - CoFounder and CEO, Anzu

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This week Yon welcomes Itamar Benedy into the metaverse. Itamar is the co-founder and CEO of Anzu, the world’s most advanced intrinsic in-game ad solution for mobile, PC, console, and the metaverse. 

Anzu’s goal is to put players first and help advertisers reach audiences in a non-disruptive and highly engaging way. As Itamar states, “the metaverse is the digital twin of the physical world,” and he and his company are on the forefront of bringing an ad and marketing experience to the metaverse that matches its physical world counterparts.

During their conversation, Yon and Itamar discuss how to build a positive ad experience within the metaverse, the opportunities the new scale of gaming brings, how advertising can operate and scale differently in an open platform vs a closed platform, and much more.


  • Defining the Metaverse and How New Technologies Will Shape It (01:32)

  • Building a Positive Ad Experience Within the Metaverse (04:05)

  • New Scale Post-Pandemic Brings New Opportunities in Gaming (10:15)

  • What Marketers and Brands Think About the Metaverse and Gaming (14:45)

  • The Line Between an Ad and a Branded Video Game (19:15)

  • How Advertising Can Scale in Open vs Closed Platform Virtual Environments (23:00)

  • Why the Next Twelve Months May Be the Tipping Point (28:20)

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