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EP.60: Into the Metaverse with Darran Garnham - Founder & CEO, Toikido

EP.60: Into the Metaverse with Darran Garnham - Founder & CEO, Toikido

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The last few weeks have been incredibly exciting as Yon and the Supersocial team saw the launch of Piñata Smashlings, their collaboration effort with toy company Toikido to build a new brand that combines a gaming experience and community with the physical world of toys, trading cards, and more. 

With this launch happening, it felt like the perfect time for Yon to welcome Darran Garnham, Founder and CEO of Toikido, into the metaverse.

During their conversation Yon and Darran first discuss the overall power of the metaverse in helping you find your people, how industries that serve kids need to adapt to new technologies, and the fundamentals that make Roblox so unique and relevant, before diving into what Piñata Smashlings and the Piñataverse are, how it came about, the depth of story they hope to provide, and much more about this exciting new world. 


  • The Power of the Metaverse to Help You Find Your People (01:10)

  • Bringing Toys and Characters to the Intersection of Digital and Physical (04:40)

  • How Industries that Serve Kids Need to Adapt (08:00)

  • Fundamentals that Make Roblox so Relevant and Unique (12:55)

  • The Piñata Smashlings Universe and the Depth of Story It Provides (21:30)

  • The Launch of Piñata Smashlings and Attempting to Build Generational Relevance (29:15)

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