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EP.63: Into the Metaverse with John Linden - CEO, Mythical Games

EP.63: Into the Metaverse with John Linden - CEO, Mythical Games

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This week Yon welcomes John Linden into the metaverse. Currently the CEO of Mythical Games, John has formerly been President at Seismic Games overseeing such games as Marvel’s Strike Force, and Studio Head at Activision overseeing multiple iterations of the Call of Duty franchise. With this extensive background in the gaming world, John is one of the best people to speak with about what has and has not worked in this industry and where things may be headed.

During their conversation Yon and John discuss the role of blockchain in enabling a true user owned internet, how to bring interoperability into gaming and the metaverse, empowering players to create their own content, the financial aspects of the industry past and present, the futures of Mythical Games’ different gaming properties, and much more.


  • How Does John Define the Metaverse (01:15)

  • Role of Blockchain Enabling a True User Owned Internet (04:25)

  • How Interoperability Can Work (06:45)

  • Building the Next Generation of Gaming (12:50)

  • Empowering the Player to Create Content (19:25)

  • Monetization and Building a Digital Supply Chain (22:45)

  • Mythos Foundation and Building a Marketplace Currency (29:50)

  • The Financialization of Web3 (35:40)

  • What’s Next for Blankos, NFL Rivals, and Nitro Nation (42:45)

  • Potential Order of Magnitude Progress in the Next Year (47:54)

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