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EP.76: The Evolving Landscape for Youth in the Metaverse with Dylan Collins - Founder, SuperAwesome

EP.76: The Evolving Landscape for Youth in the Metaverse with Dylan Collins - Founder, SuperAwesome

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This week Yon welcomes Dylan Collins into the metaverse. Dylan is the Founder and former CEO of SuperAwesome, and has spent his career building and operating in the digital media space, generally with an eye towards youth audiences. His experience building for youth audiences and watching the market adapt and evolve with them over the years has given him great insight into the topics of today’s episode.

During their conversation, Yon and Dylan discuss the genesis of SuperAwesome, the changes in audience composition the metaverse has seen in the last decade, how the aging up of an audience will impact the industry, what brands should be focused on when entering these next gen platforms, and much more. 


  • Genesis of SuperAwesome and the Changes in Audience Composition (01:15)

  • State of the Internet for Kids and Youth Today (05:30)

  • The Audience Exists, It Just Needs to Age Up (10:23)

  • Has Scalability Actually Gotten Much More Difficult (20:23)

  • Trends Brands Should Consider When Moving Into Next Gen Platforms (23:07)

  • Most Excited For in Next 12 Months (37:57)

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