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EP.79: How Brands Can Leverage Metaverse Platforms with Raffaella Camera - Former Head of Brands, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

EP.79: How Brands Can Leverage Metaverse Platforms with Raffaella Camera - Former Head of Brands, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine

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This week Yon welcomes Raffaella Camera into the metaverse to discuss how the power of platforms like UEFN and Roblox can be leveraged by brands to improve and grow their businesses.

Raffaella was most recently the Head of Brands at Epic Games’ Unreal Engine where she was responsible for the overall industry setup and strategic growth of the Epic ecosystem - from tools to Fortnite - for the Lifestyle Brands industry. Prior to Epic, Raffaella spent time as a Partner at Accenture, where she co-created the global Accenture XR practice and served as Global Head of Innovation & Strategy. Between these roles and others she has held in her career, she has built a deep knowledge of how brands can interact with and derive value from metaverse platforms, making her a fantastic guest to dive into today’s topics with. 

During their conversation, Yon and Raffaella discuss the power of Unreal Engine for verticals outside of gaming, the UEFN & LVMH partnership that Raffaella helped secure and what it means for the industry, how Fortnite could transition from a game to a platform, and much more. 


  • Episode and Guest Introduction (00:00)

  • How Does Raffaella Define the Metaverse (02:48)

  • Raffaella’s Journey that Led Her to Epic Games (07:50)

  • Why Epic Games and Their Platform was so Attractive (13:05)

  • Proving the Unreal Engine’s Power to Other Verticals (17:10)

  • LVMH Partnership and What it Means for the Industry (19:25)

  • Non-Gaming Solutions Offered by the Metaverse (24:55)

  • Fortnite Creative’s Role in the Future of the Game Industry (31:55)

  • Dealing with Perception that Fortnite is a Game, Not a Platform (36:45)

  • Role of Platforms like Roblox and Fortnite Creative for Brands in Short Term (40:45)

  • Most Excited About in Next Twelve Months (47:25)

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