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EP.84: The Future of Music in the Metaverse with Alvaro Velilla - SVP New Business, Universal Music Group

EP.84: The Future of Music in the Metaverse with Alvaro Velilla - SVP New Business, Universal Music Group

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This week Yon welcomes Alvaro Velilla into the metaverse to discuss the future of music in the metaverse and an exciting new partnership between Supersocial and Universal Music Group, today announcing the launch of ‘Beat Galaxy’ on Roblox - a groundbreaking music hub featuring artists and music from UMG.

Alvaro’s career spans over twenty years of experience driving business transformation at the intersection of entertainment, technology, and creative industries. This includes his founding of Pulselocker, the first music streaming service built to be integrated with music performance applications, as well as a stint at Soundcloud leading their business development team, before reaching his current role as Senior Vice President of New Business at Universal Music Group where he is in charge of devising and implementing UMG’s New Business strategy with a particular focus on new business models, immersive experiences, gaming, and Web3.

We're all incredibly curious to know how UMG, who is one of the largest and most influential companies in the music world, thinks about virtual worlds, gaming, and what the next iteration of the internet means for record labels, artists, and fans

During their conversation Yon and Alvaro dive into those above questions, Alvaro’s journey and lessons he’s learned, what Roblox needs to get right to integrate best with the music industry, the exciting new partnership between their two companies, and much more.


  • Introduction (00:00)

  • Welcoming Alvaro (02:20)

  • How Alvaro Defines the Metaverse (03:20)

  • Alvaro’s Unique Journey In Music (05:25)

  • Lessons From the Last Technological Disruption in Music (09:40)

  • Unique Set Up of 360 Degree Engagement for Users (14:45)

  • Lessons Learned in Year One at UMG (18:30)

  • What Roblox Needs to Get Right for a Sustainable Relationship with Music (23:55)

  • Building More Meaningful Engagement and Discovery Tools (26:45)

  • Introducing Beat Galaxy (31:10)

  • Shapers of Music’s Future (37:00)

  • Most Excited for in Next 12 Months (40:10)

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