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EP.85: Into the Metaverse 2023 Recap and 2024 Preview

EP.85: Into the Metaverse 2023 Recap and 2024 Preview

With Matthew Kanterman - formerly Bloomberg Intelligence, Roundhill Investments and Ball Metaverse Partners

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To close out the year, Yon welcomes back to the show former co-host Matthew Kanterman to recap everything that happened in the metaverse in 2023 and to look ahead at what intrigues and excites them the most about 2024 and beyond! 

Long-time listeners will quickly recognize Matthew as he was here at the inception of the Into the Metaverse podcast back in 2021 as co-host for the first iteration of the show. Matthew is a former Bloomberg analyst who has spent the last few years in high level research roles for metaverse related companies, where he has continued to expand his knowledge and thoughts around the metaverse, AI, and all emerging technologies. Stick around to the end of today’s show to hear some exciting news about Matthew’s future work plans!

During their conversation Yon and Matthew first build a consensus on what the metaverse has come to mean in 2023, then discuss the year that was and the year ahead for both Epic Games and Roblox, before finishing up with topics of AI, the market size of the metaverse, and what they are most excited for in the coming year.


  • Introduction (00:25)

  • Defining the Metaverse and Its Core Building Blocks (02:15)

  • Why Unification and Interoperability Matter (09:45)

  • UEFN, LEGO on Fortnite, and How Epic Games Handled 2023 (12:55)

  • UEFN Thoughts and Predictions for 2024 (21:50)

  • Adding an Advertising Layer to the Roblox Economies (30:55)

  • Real World Commerce Integration on Roblox in 2024 and Beyond (39:40)

  • How AI Pushed the Metaverse Forward in 2023 (47:52)

  • The Market Size Opportunity of a Real Time 3D Internet (53:45)

  • What Matthew and Yon are Most Excited for in 2024 (56:57)

  • Announcement About Matthew’s New Role (01:07:45)

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