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EP.88: Yon and Matthew Talk All Things Metaverse

EP.88: Yon and Matthew Talk All Things Metaverse

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Welcome back to Into the Metaverse. In this week’s episode, Yon and Matthew dive into four of the most important and interesting news stories related to the metaverse.

The topics we discuss today include the smash hit new video game Palworld, the latest salvo in the Apple vs. Epic saga, the launch apps for the Apple Vision Pro and Netflix’s gaming strategy.


  • Introduction (00:00)

  • Palworld has sold more than 8 million units on Steam; check out friend of the pod Joost van Dreunen’s take as well (01:13)

  • Apple announces plans for third-party payments and alternative app stores in the EU (07:25)

  • Apple’s Vision Pro won’t launch with Netflix, Spotify, Youtube native apps (15:30)

  • Netflix’s gaming strategy: does it make sense? And read more in co-CEO Greg Peters’ interview with Stratechery (20:15)

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