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EP.95: Matthew Ball & The Future of the Metaverse (Part 1)

EP.95: Matthew Ball & The Future of the Metaverse (Part 1)

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Welcome to Into the Metaverse. In today’s episode, Yon welcomes Matthew Ball to the podcast. Ball is eponymous for his writings on the evolution of the media landscape and the metaverse and his book, The Metaverse: Building the Spatial Internet. A second edition of the book will be released later this year.

Yon and Matthew had an excellent, wide-ranging conversation about the metaverse's past, present, and future. They discuss where we are in realizing 100% of the metaverse vision, the major ways AI will impact the metaverse’s evolution, how and why the youngest generations have always driven adoption, and much more.

With a lot of ground still to cover, Yon and Matthew will be doing a follow up part two to this conversation in the near future, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss when that releases!

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  • Introduction (00:00)

  • The Four Bounces of the Metaverse Theme (02:04)

  • Where Are We in Realizing 100% of the Metaverse (07:19)

  • The Youngest Generation Has Always Driven Adoption (13:07)

  • Roblox and the Current Size of MAU in Metaverse Applications (17:35)

  • Four Major Ways AI Impacts the Evolution of the Metaverse (22:25)

  • Enabling Interoperability Across the Metaverse (32:05)

  • Shifting Anchors within Entertainment Industry (39:24)

Preorder the updated and revised version of Matthew’s award-winning best-seller, The Metaverse: Building the Spatial Internet, on Amazon, or visit here for more info and purchase options.

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