Nov 3, 2022 • 42M

EP.29: Yonatan Raz Fridman (Supersocial) - Why the Metaverse Should Matter to Brands

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Jane Bernhard
Yonatan Raz-Fridman
Into The Metaverse is a multi-segment podcast show focused on deep coverage of the Metaverse through interviews with brilliant minds who build, create for, and invest in, the metaverse.
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Yon is founder and CEO of Supersocial, a metaverse company that develops, publishes and operates cutting-edge virtual worlds on Roblox and other emerging platforms. Its business platform – which includes a development studio and publishing services, enables world-class brands and IP owners, as well as its owned IP, to enter the metaverse through bold creativity and unmatched product quality. Yon is also the creator, publisher and host of Into The Metaverse, a leading podcast and newsletter where anyone can learn about the metaverse.

We cover in detail why brands are entering the metaverse, how Supersocial and NARS Cosmetics set a new standard for innovation in the space with NARS Color Quest, and how marketers and brand builders can meaningfully nurture and inspire a community of fans through next generation experiences.

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