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EP.33: Into The Metaverse with Esther Wojcicki - Raising a Generation of Super Children

EP.33: Into The Metaverse with Esther Wojcicki - Raising a Generation of Super Children

Special episode for thanksgiving with the wonderful Esther Wojcicki!

Esther is a journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons advisory council. She is the founder of the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Program in Palo Alto, CA. and the Co-Founder of Tract Learning, which publishes the web app Tract, a peer to peer, project-based, gamified learning platform for kids 8 years and over. Esther’s book, How To Raise Successful People, is a best seller!

We cover in detail how technology is rapidly changing every aspect of our lives and what the future of workplace looks like, but at the same time the education system lags behind and continues to struggle with these rapid changes and preparing children for the future.

From Esther:

And as long as the parents are convinced that the best way for kids to learn is the old way, nothing's gonna change because power lies with the parents and the parent groups, and that's one of the reasons why I think parents should band together and then have conversations with their school board, their superintendent, and see what ways can they.

Allow for kids to become technically sophisticated, computer literate and learn the four Cs, which are, as I said, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. So if you just look at the traditional curriculum, where is collaboration? It's like an individual thing.

Everybody's supposed to work by themselves. Where is critical thinking? Well, you might get critical thinking in math problems, but you need to have critical thinking in problems that are facing the world, not just in the math problems. Creativity. People don't wanna be creative because they're afraid to take a risk and they'll get a bad grade and then they won't get into college.

The one thing Esther wants the listeners to take from our conversation:

Don't do for the kids. Anything that they can do for themselves, that's wonderful, and that means they can do a lot of things for themselves and we will empower this generation so that they can take the serious issues into their own hands and help solve them.

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