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EP.34: Into The Metaverse with Neil Trevett - VP Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA & Chair of Metaverse Standards Forum

EP.34: Into The Metaverse with Neil Trevett - VP Developer Ecosystems at NVIDIA & Chair of Metaverse Standards Forum

Joining me today is Neil Trevett, Vice President of Developer Ecosystems at Nvidia, President of Khronos Group and Chair of the newly established Metaverse Standards Forum. We cover in detail why standards how vital for the metaverse to emerge and what could happen in its absence.

At Nvidia, Neil is responsible for enabling and encouraging advanced applications to use GPU acceleration. At the Khronos Group Neil created and chaired the working group that defined the industry standard for 3D graphics on mobile devices. At Khronos he also chairs a working group for portable, parallel heterogeneous computing, and helped initiate the WebGL standard that is bringing interactive 3D graphics to the Web. He’s now working to help formulate standards for vision and neural network inferencing. Previously, as Vice President of 3Dlabs, Neil was at the forefront of the silicon revolution bringing interactive 3D to the PC, and he established the embedded graphics division of 3Dlabs to bring advanced visual processing to a wide-range of non-PC platforms. Neil was elected President for eight consecutive years of the Web3D Consortium dedicated to creating open standards for communicating real-time 3D on the Internet.

What is the metaverse by Neil:

Most people have some kind of core vision that the metaverse is gonna be a combination of the connectivity of the web with the immersiveness of spatial computing at its essence.

The one thing Neil wants the listeners to take from our conversation:

Don't get trapped by the hype and don't get trapped by. The talk of dystopia. If you can and actually focus on the reality of these technologies are coming together and there is going to be this continual wayfront of opportunity. As we figure out how to bring all these elements together, focus on what that could mean to your organization here now. Today, or at least in a short to medium term, because there are gonna be opportunities, not just people building metaverse, but using this metaverse, whatever it's gonna be. And it may not be called the metaverse so much longer, who knows? But it doesn't matter. It's these technologies that are coming together and creating new opportunities. Just like the web was transformative. And when the Netscape browser was launched, no one predicted what the web was gonna turn into and where the opportunities were gonna be. We're on that same journey again. Don't be left out but don't get caught up in the hype either.

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