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EP.83: Why 2D is Dead, The Metaverse Isn’t a Toy, and the Early Success of LEGO on Fortnite

EP.83: Why 2D is Dead, The Metaverse Isn’t a Toy, and the Early Success of LEGO on Fortnite

All discussed in this week's edition of Yon & Lisa Talk All Things Metaverse

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Yon is once again joined by Lisa Bernard to discuss the most important and interesting news stories related to the Metaverse in this week’s edition of Yon & Lisa Talk All Things Metaverse.

During their conversation they discuss the early success of LEGO on Fortnite, why Yon’s new rallying cry is, “2D is dead, long live the 3D internet,” subcategories of the metaverse that are ripe for expansion, and more!


  • LEGO on Fortnite’s Early Success (00:25)

  • 2D is Dead, Long Live the 3D Internet (06:00)

  • The Metaverse is Not a Toy (08:30)

  • Musicians Launching New Experiences on Roblox (10:35)

  • Gaming as the Subcategory that Resonates Best (12:10)

  • Education as a Fertile Ground for Metaverse Implementation (13:25)

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Lisa is the creator/host of “Demystify AI”, presenting all the buzz about AI, VR, and the Metaverse. She is a longtime tv reporter whose work has been recognized with 3 Emmy awards.

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