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EP.52: Yon & Priya Talk All Things Metaverse #2

EP.52: Yon & Priya Talk All Things Metaverse #2

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Yon is once again joined by Priya David Clemens to discuss the most important and interesting news stories related to the Metaverse in this edition of Yon & Priya Talk All Things Metaverse.

In this episode, Yon & Priya cover the decimation of metaverse real estate values, the emerging job market in virtual design, why we all need to calm down about AI replacing humans, and much more.


  • Episode Intro (00:00)

  • Metaverse Real Estate Values Plummet (00:45)

  • Different Motivations Bring Different Consumers (04:00)

  • Emerging Job Market in Virtual Design (07:00)

  • The Technological Revolution and Why We Should All Calm Down (10:52)

  • NVIDIA’s Big Bet on AI Paying Dividends (17:05)

  • Looking Towards the Week Ahead (20:50)

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Priya is the host of the Emmy-award winning news discussion program, KQED Newsroom, and a longtime network news anchor and reporter who has most recently begun to focus her journalistic eye on emerging technology.

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