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EP.92: The Past, Present, and Future of Roblox

EP.92: The Past, Present, and Future of Roblox

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Roblox is the closest platform to the true vision of the metaverse; a persistent, immersive, shared, 3D space that re-imagines how users can connect, communicate, play, shop, and express themselves. In a sense, Roblox can be viewed as the public beta of the metaverse. And Roblox is already emerging as the primary social platform for Gen Alpha and younger Gen Z.

With 72 million daily active users and approximately 350 million monthly active users, all of whom spend about 2.4 hours per day on the platform, Roblox is truly the most engaging platform on the Internet. And with a user base that is increasingly getting older, with 40% of DAU now over the age of 16, Roblox is no longer just a platform for young kids.

But how did the Roblox of today come to be? From its founding as Dynablox 20 years ago, to launching the first experience, to opening up the avatar economy and more, Yon and Matthew dive deep into the company and platform’s history, its founders and its future in our latest episode of Into the Metaverse.

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  • Where Roblox Started (02:07)

  • Building the Developer Community (10:10)

  • Four Core Values Drive Employee Ownership and Accountability (19:01)

  • The Numbers Behind Roblox’s Present (23:10)

  • Brands and IP Have Begun Leveraging Roblox (29:17)

  • How Roblox Gets to 1 Billion Users (38:18)

  • AI and New Technologies Impact on Roblox Growth (40:41)

  • The Economics of Building on Roblox vs Other Platforms (46:40)

  • The Future of Real World Commerce on Roblox (53:09)

  • The Challenge of IP Use in a World of Digital Self Expression (58:41)

  • Could Roblox Ever Be Acquired (01:04:22)

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