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EP.39: Into The Metaverse with Richard Ward, former Head of Metaverse at McKinsey

EP.39: Into The Metaverse with Richard Ward, former Head of Metaverse at McKinsey

A fascinating conversation to kickoff 2023!

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Richard Ward is the former Head of Metaverse at McKinsey, the leading management consulting firm, where he focuses on advising clients on metaverse and web3 strategy, as well as providing expertise on the role of augmented reality and virtual reality.

In a fascinating conversation, Richard and I we discuss in detail the stage we’re at with the evolution of the metaverse; what is full-body computing and why it matters to truly grasp how the metaverse should “feel”; what should decision makers consider when making investment decisions on metaverse-related experiments; and how web3 fits in (if at all).

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